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Phase 3 UK
Why you can trust Phase 3 Connectors
Phase 3 Connectors is a UK-based company that takes quality and trustworthiness seriously. We are committed to providing our customers […]
December 2021 Update
Hopefully the world of lockdowns, restricted travel, and face masks is behind us all. We can be thankful that we’re all still here. We now look forward […]
Phase 3 Connectors Brexit planning
Without a doubt, 2020 has been an unforgettable year, with Brexit, Coronavirus, lockdowns and face coverings being the buzzwords of […]
Building Customer Trust
In the years leading up to the twists and turns of 2020, Phase 3 Connectors have been driven to provide […]
Why being Accredited is Important
Being accredited is very important, not only to us, but to our worldwide customer base. We will probably never get […]
Powering Events of the World, Safely
What do we produce?  At Phase 3 Connectors we produce single pole Powerlock connectors.   Our products are used for high current electrical […]
How do our Powerlock connectors actually work?
Powerlock connectors can be either inline source (male connectors) or inline drain (female connectors). But how do they work together? […]
Our Story
Phase 3 UK was bought in November 2015 when the company was more focused on the event and entertainment industry. […]
Watch our new Instructional Video
We’ve got a new video for you today, in which, we show you how to perform a crimped termination, the recommended […]
Phase 3 Colour Guide 2020
Phase 3 Connectors can provide our Powersafe range of single pole Powerlock type connector to any combination of three phase […]
It’s in our name, Powersafe
What do we produce?At Phase 3 Connectors we produce single pole Powerlock connectors. Our products are used for high current […]
Phase 3 India
In January 2020 we demonstrated our connectors in India, at the Elecrama Exhibition. There was significant interest in our product. […]
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