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Phase 3 UK
CamLock Connectors
What is a CamLock Connector? A camlock connector, is an electrical single pole connector often used in temporary electrical power distribution. Camlock […]
Middle East Electricity
DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE | UAEDate: 06 – 08 March 2018Time: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM Phase 3 are at […]
Lighting Connectors
What are Lighting Connectors? Lighting Connectors are industrial plugs that are used to connect lighting devices to a power supply. […]
19 Pin Connectors
NOTICE: Phase 3 Connectors Ltd have re-branded the 19 Pin Connectors P3-P19 range to Showsafe. Showsafe 19 Pin Connectors for Stage […]
Socapex 19 Pin Circuit Drawings & Wiring Diagram
Socapex are a type of electrical connectors, known in the entertainment industry primarily for 19-pin electrical connectors. The Socapex was first created […]
Powersafe Guest Blog on Thorne & Derrick
We have recently Guest Blogged our Powersafe range on Thorne & Derrick’s POWER Blog and you can read it here: […]
Phase 3 Connectors in South Africa
Phase 3 Connector’s Powersafe range of Single Pole Connectors are now readily available in South Africa. Phase 3 already have […]
Phase 3 Single Pole Connector at the Winter Olympics
Powersafe going for Gold at Winter Olympics Thousands of the world’s best athletes with a high-frost tolerance are preparing to […]
What are Socapex Connectors?
Socapex are a type of electrical connectors, known in the entertainment industry primarily for 19-pin electrical connectors. The Socapex was […]
What is a Single Pole Connector?
A single pole connector is best used for making power connections, where multi core cables would be more difficult to […]
What are Single Pole Connectors?
Single Pole Connectors are electrical power plugs. They are usually used for high current, low voltage applications within the power […]
Phase 3 gain UL Approval
Press Release: Phase 3 UL Approval to connect US Industry FIFE, SCOTLAND, Jan. 25, 2018 PHASE 3 CONNECTORS have gained […]
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