19 Pin Connectors


NOTICE: Phase 3 Connectors Ltd have re-branded the 19 Pin Connectors P3-P19 range to Showsafe.

Showsafe 19 Pin Connectors for Stage Lighting

Phase 3’s Showsafe range of UL approved multi-pin circular connectors have been developed to deliver the highest levels of reliability and safety. Available in 3, 5, 7 and 19 pin connectors for the events industry. The super robust construction of the circular connectors ensures reliable operation. The rugged design has been tailored specifically for professional touring & stage lighting applications and all connectors are fully socapex compatible.

Showsafe Connectors are sealed to IP67 when mated, making them water and dust proof for festivals worldwide. The sand of Benicassim? The mud and rain of Glastonbury? No problem.


Showsafe Stage Lighting 19 Pin Connectors

The socapex type connectors are tough for touring. The connectors are available in both inline and panel mount versions in male or female form. Excellent connections are ensured with a muti-point gold plated contact in either solder or crimp.

19 Pin Connectors Features

19 Pin Connector socapex Breakout Spider Clamps

The Showsafe connector has a Spider Clamp that offers cable strain relief combined with watertight sealing (IP67) when using six individual cables in breakout applications. The design incorporates Phase 3’s “Spider Trap” mechanical grip mechanism that individually grips each cable jacket. The trap can be quickly and easily orientated to facilitate different cable diameters. A separate silicone sealing grommet ensures a watertight assembly.

Thick-Walled Coupling Nuts

For maximum impact and wear resistance, heavy duty coupling rings have thick wall sections and are machined from high grade alloys with an anodised finish. The ergonomic grip on the stage lighting connector allows for easy mating in all conditions, various colours are available on request.

Grub Screw

Backshells are supplied with left-hand threads, which when torqued correctly during assembly will remain secure. For added security the shells also include a grub screw which can be tightened to lock the shell.

Insert Marking

Inserts are marked with the industry standard six circuit wiring, identifying Earth, Neutral and Live pin positions.

Socapex Cable & Multicore Cable Use

This Socapex Multicore mains cables is high quality cable that is compatible with 19 pin connectors up to 300/500V. The cable has 18 cores with a flexible black PVC sheath. The power cable when in use with the electrical plug has ‘First Mate, Last Break’ earth contacts. Multicore Socapex cable is widely used in the connection of lighting technology and dimmer racks in events of all types around the world. This range is suitable for use in dry and damp environment. With its PVC sheathing, it is also designed to withstand moderate mechanical stress and UV exposure when used outdoors.

How do you assemble a 19 Pin Connector?

Multi-pin connectors can carry six individual circuits at mains voltage with no common neutral or earth connections. Unlike other connectors all circuits are independent, so can be on different equipment or phases, see the socapex wiring diagram here.

19 Pin Connectors Application

  • Stage lighting, dimmer racks, lighting bars
  • Stage lighting control connections
  • Hoists and controllers
  • Other stage equipment
  • Any other application requiring a multi-pole mains connector (used on aircraft)

Technical Parameters

  • UL Approved
  • 100% UK Manufactured & Assembled
  • Amphenol Socapex SL419 Compatible
  • Available in both Inline and Panel Mount format
  • 3, 5, 7 and 19 Pin connectors are all rated 25A
  • Multi-point Gold Plated Contacts
  • Integral Insulation Sleeves
  • M40 metric cable glands (bush sizes 10-32mm)
  • Breakout Wire sizes from 12 to 14 AWG (1.5-2.5mm)
  • IP67 ingress protection when mated
  • Temperature Rating -55oC to +125oC
  • Voltage Rating 600 VAC, 700 VDC max
  • FMLB Earth contacts
  • ROHS Compliant

Our Socapex compatible connectors are:

All circular connectors are available in inline female, inline male, male panel mount and female panel mount form. A 19 pin splitter unit is also available in the stage production industry.

  • Socapex 19 Pin Lighting Connectors
  • Socapex 7 Pin Lighting Connectors
  • Socapex 5 Pin Lighting Connectors
  • Socapex 3 Pin Lighting Connectors

Showsafe Quality and Certification Bodies:

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