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Phase 3’s Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated, safest and finest quality powerlock connectors as used by the power distribution, events, military and cable assembly industries worldwide. Powersafe connectors are available as inline plugs and panel mount sockets that easily terminate to low voltage copper power cables (i.e H07RN-F) using industry standard crimp tools or set-screw contacts. Termination to aluminium cable is also possible with our bimetallic contacts.

Mechanical Locking System

Secure coupling of plug and socket is achieved through an innovative mechanical locking system that disengages with a simple release key. The industrial plug’s powerlock mating system means Powersafe cannot be mismated or disconnected accidentally under load.

Assembled in the United Kingdom

Phase 3’s electrical connectors are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Our Powersafe connectors are UL/VDE and CE certified. The electrical power connectors can be used for high current connections up to 800 amps in single or three phase electrical applications.
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Performance Enhancements

Increased Current Carrying Capacity (500A/800A)
Increased Short Circuit Ratings (35.5Ka)
Reduced Insertion Force
Rubber Hand Grip for ease of coupling
Cable Strain Relief (25mm-300mm)
Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015
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Safety Improvements

Waterproof & Dust Protection Rating (IP67)
Colour Coded Keyed Locking Mechanism
Finger-Proof Protection against electric shock (IP2X)
Flame Retardant Materials (UL94-VO)
Improved Impact Resistance
Environmental Caps
UL Certified Product
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Innovative Design

Our engineers designed a unique, durable and high performing contact band that makes Powersafe the industry’s elite single pole plug. Phase 3’s contact band has 29 transfer bridges allowing for a higher 800A rating. The contact band has a one-piece, symmetrical design with offset fingers, meaning the band does not come out or overheat.

Exceptional Quality

Phase 3 use only the finest quality materials sourced from Europe or America. Powersafe is manufactured from 99.9% pure, highly conductive copper; no Tellurium is used meaning the metalwork is incredibly durable. Customers prefer our heavy-duty insulator as they are moulded with flame retardant plastics (UL94); no fibre glass is used therefore the product does not crack easily when handling.

Manufacturing Excellence

All Powersafe products are manufactured and assembled in the UK by our team who have over 35 years experience. We manufacture to ISO:9001:2015 Standard with UL Certified single pole connectors available. The 500A & 800A industrial plugs come with a hand grip as standard, but we go the extra mile and offer a moulding customisation option with your brand colours and logo on.

1. Choose Your Connector Format

Line Connectors & Panel Mounts

Powersafe are available line and panel mount format. Line Connectors are industrial plugs you can terminate onto copper or aluminium power cable (see bimetal connectors). Panel Mounts are industrial sockets you can install with either an M12 nut or M12 bolt.
Panel MountPowersafe Line Connector

2. Choose Your Region Colour

Regional Specific Colours

Each electrical line in a three phase circuit has its own colour code depending on the country it is being used in. Select your line or panel mount based on your specification. Find out more about international wiring colours or ask our sales engineers if you are unsure.
RegionEarth (E)Neutral (N)Line 1 (L1)Line 2 (L2)Line 3 (L3)
Europe & UK
UK (Old)

3. Choose Your Connector Gender

Source & Drain Powerlock Connectors

Powersafe are available in Source (Male Contact / Female Insulator) & Drain (Female Contact / Male Insulator) format. Use the slider on the image to help you distinguish between plug gender.

800A or 500A Connectors

Powersafe is rated at 500A – higher than the usual 440A single pole device. 500A connectors are available with Set Screw Termination for power cables up to 150mm CSA. Powersafe also offers 800A connectors – higher than the standard 660A powerlock connectors. 800A industrial plugs are available with Crimp Termination for larger cable sections up to 300mm CSA.
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Source Line ConnectorDrain Line Connector

Additional Powersafe Products

Additional product ranges, accessories and Network Devices

Powersafe Power Distribution Box

The Powersafe Sequential Mating box is a three phase power distribution box designed for use with temporary electrical installations that use single pole industrial plugs. On the mating box there are sockets for three phases plus Neutral and Earth. The generator connection point is compatible with other manufacturer’s powerlock connectors.
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Powersafe Powerbox

Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps

Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps are heavy duty protective caps for high current power connectors. Powersafe caps are manufactured in high-impact thermoplastic and IP67 rated sealing, making them an incredibly durable product. The caps are designed with a colour coded mechanical locking system to prevent accidental disconnection. The protective covers are recommended for use with Powersafe Power Connectors.
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Powersafe Dust Cap

Powersafe Bimetal Connectors

Powersafe Bimetal Connectors are Phase 3’s solution to connect aluminium cables in high current circuits that incorporate copper cable and busbars. The bimetallic power connector is manufactured using the best raw materials, allowing for a flawless friction weld process producing the highest quality conductor. Bimetallic industrial plugs can be terminated onto aluminium cable meaning lugs can be replaced with a safer insulated termination.
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Bimetal Connector


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