Powersafe Power Distribution Box

The Powersafe Sequential Mating Box is a three-phase power distribution board designed for use within temporary electrical installations and the events industry. There are Powersafe Panel Mounts for three phases plus Neutral and Earth secured onto a panelboard. The generator connection point which has a current rating of 800 amps and is compatible with other manufacturer’s connectors.


Electrical Box

The electrical box accepts connection of Powersafe power connectors. The sequence of connection and disconnection is controlled to ensure safety circuits are connected first and disconnected last (first mate, last break). Furthermore the keyed design eliminates the possibility of connection errors.

The box comes in both source and drain versions and in 2 panel sizes, 88mm and 108mm.

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Power Distribution Board Sequence

How does the power distro box work?

PowerSafe Connector Mating BoxThe Powersafe distro box is the perfect portable power distribution device for temporary power supply for events, stage, theatre, stadiums, data centres and more. It incorporates an integral shutter mechanism which controls the connection sequence on the electrical panel board. The sequence of connection is:

  • Turn key to open Earth lock – (the Earth cap will open to allow connection of the Earth connector).
  • Plug the Earth connector in and turn clockwise to its locked position – (the Neutral cap will open to allow you to plug the Neutral connector in).
  • Continue the sequence on the power distribution box with L1 and L2 and then when the L3 connector is plugged in and engaged, turn the lock key to the closed position (this will lock all the connectors mechanically in place so that they cannot be removed and it will also operate an internal micro-switch).
  • The internal micro-switch can be used as a signal path to operate electrical protection devices. A 3 pin connector on the rear of the heavy duty box is provided for easy connection, this can be used to trip the supply to the box should someone open the Lock key whilst the supply is present.

Power Distribution Box Dimensions:

88mm (2U) box: H= 88mm, W= 483mm, D= 130mm
108mm box: H= 108mm, W= 483mm, D= 130mm
Available with 4 or 5 powerlock ports


Current rating up to 800A.
Maximum rated voltage to Earth: 2KVac / 3KVdc.

Typical Applications:

MOD, Hospitals, Stadiums, Mobile Generators, Field Camps, Outdoor Events, Welding Equipment, Data Centres, Dockside Power.