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Please Note: We will not quote better prices than our online store for small quantity orders. Use our online shop for purchases. For bespoke product quotes or large quantities please use this Product Configurator. Thank you.

Use the Powersafe Power Connector Configurator in a few simple steps:

  1. Configure your connector colours according to region codes
  2. Configure your gland size and contact termination
  3. Specify quantities for Line Connectors (N, E, L1, L2, L3)

    (skip if not required)

  4. Specify quantities for Panel Mounts (N, E, L1, L2, L3)

    (skip if not required)

  5. Specify quantities for Power Distribution Boxes

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Let's begin. Configure your colours, gland size and contact type below.

red line

STEP 1: Specify the Colours for connectors in your region:



Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Electrical Standards Colour Chart

red line connector

UL Listed Connectors: Do you want UL Listed Connectors?

UL Connectors rated at 455A & 615A on a different pricing tier. (Full UL listing)

red line connector

Bimetal Connectors: Do you want Connectors for Aluminium Cable ?

You can find out more about bimetal connectors here. (Subject to longer lead times & minimum order quantities.)

red line connector

STEP 2: Select your Connectors' Contact Type:

Please Note: Panel Mounts only available with threaded contact, configure on next page. Need Help?

STEP 3: Select your Connectors' Gland Size:

Please Note: This is dependant on cable size. Need Help?

Power Connector Configurator

Use the Powersafe Configurator to submit your specification requirements and receive an instant quote for your project. Here you can configure Phase 3’s single pole connectors, panel mounts and power distribution boxes. Powersafe are the highest rated, UL listed connectors in the industry for high current power connections up to 800A. If you require a quote for a more bespoke order – contact Phase 3.