Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps

Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps are heavy duty protective caps for high current power connectors. Powersafe caps are manufactured in high-impact thermoplastic and IP67 rated sealing, making them an incredibly durable product. The caps are designed with a colour coded mechanical locking system to  prevent accidental disconnection. The protective covers are recommended for use with Powersafe Power Connectors.

Powerlock Dust Caps

The devices are used with powerlock type connectors or panel mounts to add a waterproof and dust proof protection. Once the single pole plugs are disconnected, it is recommended that a cap is placed to maintain the integrity of the product life cycle. Environmental powerlock dust caps are also recommended for transporting power generators on lorries for weather and accidental damage.

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Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps Powerlock dust cap
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Powersafe Environmental Caps
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Dust Cap Colours Available

Powersafe protective connector dust caps are available for inline and panel mount formats. The electrical connector caps are manufactured in coloured high-impact thermoplastics, therefore there are several colours available according to line type. The colour coding follows electrical industry standards for single pole devices.

Electrical Colour Standard Colours

Sequential Mating Power Boxes

Did you know Phase 3 manufacture powerlock type Power Distribution Boxes to mate with industrial power connectors?

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Rubber Dust Caps

If you don’t require IP67 sealed protection from our Powersafe environmental covers, then try our rubber electrical dust caps that work on all our power connectors and industrial sockets. The rubber device has an IP44 rating and is available in connector or panel mount format.

electrical Rubber dust cap

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