Showsafe Socapex Connectors

Phase 3’s Showsafe range of UL certified Socapex connectors have been manufactured to deliver the highest levels of quality, reliability and safety for stage lighting connectors. The Socapex connectors range is available in 3 pin, 5 pin, 7 pin and 19 pin connectors for the events industry. The super robust construction of the multi-pin devices ensures reliable operation for AV professionals.

The rugged plug design has been tailored specifically for professional touring & stage lighting applications and all products are fully Socapex sl419 compatible. Showsafe 19 pin plugs are sealed to IP67 protection when mated, making them water and dust proof for festivals worldwide. The sand of Benicàssim? The mud and rain of Glastonbury? No problem.
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Our Accreditations

Product Details

Technical Parameters
UL Approved to UL1977 Standard
Amphenol Socapex SL419 Compatible
Available in both Inline and Panel Mount format
Multi-point Gold Plated Contacts
Integral Insulation Sleeves
IP67 ingress protection when mated
3, 5, 7 and 19 Pin connectors are all rated 25A
Voltage Rating 600 VAC, 700 VDC max
M40 metric cable glands for multicore socapex cable pinout
(bush sizes 10-32mm)
Socapex Breakout Wire sizes from 12 to 14 AWG (1.5-2.5mm)
FMLB Earth contacts
ROHS Compliant
Stage AV Flexibility
The multi-pin socapex electrical plug is predominantly used for stage lighting, however they are also used in other stage applications including corporate events, concerts, trade shows, broadcast television, film production, photographic studios, and other types of live events. The connectors can be used for cabling, dimmers, lighting instruments, controllers, hoisting and much more.
Custom Coupling Rings
Showsafe circular connectors come fitted with coloured Coupling Rings that can be used to quickly identify cable types or to enhance and customise your connectors. Company logos and names can also be added to the bodies as we strive to meet our customer demands. The black anodised aluminium shell make the electrical plugs the toughest available and perfect for touring all year round.
Socapex Connector Breakout
The Showsafe ‘Spider Clamp’ offers cable strain relief combined with watertight sealing when using 6 individual cables in 19 pin breakout applications. The design incorporates our mechanical grip mechanism which individually grips each cable jacket. The socapex connector trap can be quickly and easily orientated to facilitate different cable diameters. A separate silicone grommet ensures a watertight assembly.

Product Options

What are the types of Socapex Connectors?

3-Pin Socapex Connector
3-Pin Socapex Connector
5-Pin Socapex Connector
5-Pin Socapex Connector
7-Pin Socapex Connector
7-Pin Socapex Connector
19-Pin Socapex Connector
19-Pin Socapex Connector

Showsafe Features

All Showsafe multi-pin contacts are screw machined in copper alloy with a gold plated finish. The multi-point contact design ensures low contact resistance, no spinning inserts and optimal current carrying capacity up to 25A (amps).

Choose Your Connector Gender

Showsafe Male Panel Mount
Male Socapex Panel Mount
Male panel mounts are the source version of the device, the socket will mate with any male inline plug with the corresponding pin amounts. Source panel mounts can also be used as electrical sockets that can be added to a power distribution box.
Showsafe Female Panel Mount
Female Socapex Panel Mount
Female socapex panel mounts are the drain version of the device, the socket will mate with any female inline plug with the corresponding pin amounts. Drain panel mounts can also be used as electrical sockets that can be added to a power distribution box.
Showsafe are also available in socket form, with source and drain panel mounts as part of the range. The female and male chassis house multi-core socapex cables, with special glands for 2.5mm wires. The panel mounts can be terminated by solder or crimp termination for use. The 19-pin panel mount can carry 6 individual circuits at mains voltage with no common neutral or earth connections. Unlike other plugs, all circuits are independent, so can be on different equipment or phases.
The Showsafe Range

Phase 3 connectors & equipment
are used at events worldwide

Phase 3 has provided connectors and equipment to some of the worlds biggest events, and we're proud of the fact, as it shows that when quality and safety are paramount, Phase 3 fits the bill.
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