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Read about what's going on with Phase 3 and updates from the team.
Phase 3 UK
It’s in our name, Powersafe
What do we produce?At Phase 3 Connectors we produce single pole Powerlock connectors. Our products are used for high current […]
Phase 3 India
In January 2020 we demonstrated our connectors in India, at the Elecrama Exhibition. There was significant interest in our product. […]
Phase 3 turns 4 years old
November 2019 saw our 4th birthday, formerly trading as Phase 3 UK Ltd which was bought from administration in November […]
Phase 3 Cable Hire Launched
PHASE 3 have launched a brand-new venture, Phase 3 Cable. Phase 3 Cable will hire high quality copper HO7RN-F leads […]
Showman’s Show 2018
What is the Showman’s Show? The Showman’s show is the original outdoor events show in the UK. The first Showman’s […]
Wiring Colours | Electrical Cable Colour Coding Standards
Electrical wiring colours coding standard for three phase electrical applications are standardised to aid the identification of individual wire phases. Wiring […]
Phase 3 Connectors Acquire New Premises
PHASE 3 CONNECTORS LTD have acquired a new business premises based in Liverpool, England on Knowsley Business Park. After enjoying […]
Powersafe Powerlock Box Assembly Guide
Phase 3’s Powersafe Sequential Mating Box controls the connection sequence of incoming / outgoing high current cable connections. The sequence […]
Types of Electrical Power Connectors
What are Electrical Power Connectors? When it comes to electronics, power is essential. Electrical power connectors are the link between […]
CPS Generators connected with Powersafe
CPS Generators are connected by Powersafe, but what makes the generator company a special business to work with? GUEST BLOG […]
Phase 3 Connectors at the World Cup 2018
Leo Messi, Mo’ Salah, Powersafe… World Cup connectors. Phase 3 are a principal supplier of power connectors to the 2018 […]
Powersafe Powerlock Box
A powerlock box is an electrical connection point that enable emergency power to be quickly and safely connected in the event […]
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