Phase 3 turns 4 years old


November 2019 saw our 4th birthday, formerly trading as Phase 3 UK Ltd which was bought from administration in November 2015. We started at the very bottom and worked our way up, taking nothing for granted. We moved away from the old company name and changed the name to Phase 3 Connectors Ltd, to fall in line with the website,

We heavily support external certification, and in less than 6 months from purchase, we achieved one of our fist goals, ISO 9001 Approved.

We then continued from there with UL Listed, to support sales in America and Canada. We gained accreditation in January 2018.

Then finally we achieved VDE Approval in November 2018.

Whilst working on ISA, UL and VDE Approvals, we were busy working behind the scenes promoting the company through our website

Then adding IP Address tracking to allow us to interact with our customers.

Turnover has trebled, with profits being invested back into the company from day one. Certification is expensive to start with, as you can’t generate sales until you have the certification. But we’re very happy to have achieved what we have in only 3 years of trading.

ISO, audits everything we say and do whilst UL and VDE Approval are tests by external organisations who test our connectors to the relevant standard. We can proudly share our certificates with existing or potential new customers.

We now have three companies in the Phase 3 family, Phase 3 Connectors, Phase 3 USA and just recently, we have introduced Phase 3 APAC, with Phase 3 India likely for 2020.

Thank you for reading and your continued support

Andy Glachan


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