What is a Single Pole Connector?


A single pole connector is best used for making power connections, where multi core cables would be more difficult to uses, due to size, weight, and cable bend radius. 

Single pole connectors are used globally, except for America where a camlock connector is more commonly used. The name for this type of connectors are referred to as Powerlock type connectors. So how does it work. 

The connectors are individually keyed, colour coded, and IP67 when mated. We can also supply environmental caps to support IP Ratings when the connectors are not in use.

Exploded View of single pole connectors

There are other brands offer ratings from 400Amps to 750Amps, where Phase 3 Powersafe range of connectors are rated to 500Amps and 800Amps, making Powersafe Connectors the highest rated single pole connectors current available. We are ISO 2015 Accredited, this means we have been audited certified that we follow the procedures as per our quality manual. Accreditation is very important to us, with  a global product, you need global certification, which is why we have had our connectors externally tested and were very proud to have both VDE and UL Certification for our Powersafe range of connectors.

This gives our customers the guarantee that we can offer the most accredited Powerlock, that with our accreditation can be used anywhere in the world. 

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