Phase 3 gain UL Approval

UL Certified

Press Release: Phase 3 UL Approval to connect US Industry

FIFE, SCOTLAND, Jan. 25, 2018

PHASE 3 CONNECTORS have gained UL listing on Powersafe power connectors. The accreditation is a key certification of quality excellence and compliance sought after by U.S industry. The two-year process came to a successful end for the Fife based company, marking another success story for exports in UK manufacturing. With a growing network of distributors stateside, Phase 3 plan to further penetrate the US market with a safer, higher rated option than Cam-Lock type connectors.

Exports Up for Power Connector Manufacturer

Phase 3 doubled their exports turnover in 2017, in 2018, Powersafe are touted to become a global industry standard for power distribution.  The connectors have already been sourced and contracted by UAE utility companies, the 2018 Russia World Cup, the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Powersafe connectors for high current connections up to 800A are now highest rated and safest single pole device. Following the outlawing of Cam-Lock from industry use in Europe, it is anticipated that the United States will follow suit by replacing the outdated device to Powersafe.

Powersafe UL Approval Secured

The mark of UL approval is granted by the UL company, a global independent safety science organisation dedicated to promoting safe living and working environment. With over a century of expertise in innovating safety solutions, UL helps to safeguard people, products and places, whilst facilitating trade and providing buyers with peace of mind. You can find out more about UL certification and the tests that are carried out to gain certification, by visiting the UL website.

Phase 3’s Compliance Manager, Lee Corrigan, who led the project for UL approval said, “It’s been an enjoyable challenge gaining UL approval for myself and the team, who have worked extremely hard on this project. It’s great for the product to be recognised for its safety features and high quality. We feel this will help open many doors in the US and other markets for us as it’s now one of the highest rated single pole connectors with UL approval.

“After a successful year in 2017 for Phase 3, we think the UL listing will help us achieve further export growth this year and beyond.”

About Phase 3 Connectors:

PHASE 3 Connectors are a privately-owned company who specialise in manufacturing single pole and multi-pin power connectors for a range of industries from Power Generation, Cable Assembly, Military, Healthcare, Government, Entertainment, Maritime and more. The connectors are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK and are delivered with industry best lead times.

For further information please contact [email protected],  visit, or tweets can be directed to @phase3ltd.

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