What are Socapex Connectors?


Socapex are a type of electrical connectors, known in the entertainment industry primarily for 19-pin electrical connectors. The Socapex was first created by a company called Socapex in 1961, but the term is now often applied to similar off-brand connectors as a genericized trademark. The circular connectors are used in film, television, and stage lighting to terminate the ends of a multi-cable. They are wired with six live pins, six neutral pins, six ground/earth pins, and a final central pin used to aid alignment of the male end of the connector with a female receptacle.

Male & Female 19-pin Socapex Connectors & Panel Mounts

The Connectors come in male and female form like other connectors. Some fixtures and assemblies containing several lamps, such as PARbars may use a panel mounted Socapex connector to avoid the need for a separate breakout, and many such fixtures also incorporate a female Socapex connector to allow further similar fixtures to be chained from the same supply.

Socapex connectors may be found on circuits connected to dimmers, or may be inadvertently fed from three-phase circuits that exceed the connector voltage rating. Some audio equipment may use Socapex connectors which must not be connected to power circuits.

Phase 3 Multi-Pin Socapex Circular Connectors

Phase 3’s UL approved multi-pin lighting connectors have been developed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. The super robust construction of the circular connectors ensures continual and reliable operation. The rugged design has been tailored specifically for professional touring applications and are fully Socapex compatible. This has ensured that the P3-19 Pin Lighting Connectors are more than up to the challenge of life on the road.

A full range of accessories are available, including ground disks, crimp tools and break-out backshells.

  • Socapex SL419 Compatible
  • 3, 5, 7 and 19 Pin connectors are all rated 25A
  • UL Approved for 7 & 19 Pin
  • High Impact all machined shells
  • Wear resistant anodised finish
  • Easy grip, heavy duty coupling ring
  • Thick wall section backshells with locking screws
  • Integral insulation sleeves
  • Cable glands with bushings for lighting cable
  • Spider clamps for grip and seal of 6 individual wires
  • Inserts market with lighting circuit wiring
  • IP67 when mated
  • FMLB Earth contacts
  • Screw machined multi point gold plated contacts
  • Available with either crimp or solder contacts
  • ROHS Compliant

See the socapex Wiring and Cable Diagram Here.

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