Navigating Brexit: Maintaining Seamless Operations


Considering the post-Brexit landscape, UK-based companies face new challenges when selling connectors in Europe. Extended lead times, coupled with restrictions on direct sales to customers after July 2025, have reshaped the business landscape.

Recognizing the need to maintain optimal service and lead times for our valued customers, Phase 3 has taken a proactive step of registering a company in Ireland. This strategic move not only safeguards our existing customer base but also positions us for potential growth in the region.

The benefits for our customers are paramount. With a dedicated company in Ireland, Phase 3 can now ship directly into the European Union, ensuring shorter lead times and eliminating import duties for our clients. This move solidifies Phase 3 Connectors as a highly attractive option for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions in the European market.

While we cannot control the intricacies of Brexit, we can certainly guarantee the best possible service. This strategic decision not only makes our company more appealing to our existing European clients but also eliminates import duty costs for them.

Effective April 2024, all European orders will seamlessly ship from our newly established base in Ireland.

At Phase 3 Connectors, we remain committed to adapting to changes, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled service and fostering growth in the ever-evolving European market.

From Andy, and Everyone at Phase 3 Connectors, We wish you a Happy New Year.

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