Building Customer Trust


In the years leading up to the twists and turns of 2020, Phase 3 Connectors have been driven to provide the very best in quality manufacturing and service to ensure our customers have confidence in our product ranges. However, like many businesses during the pandemic, we’ve had to think on our feet to maintain our high standards and achieve our goals.

How we’ve kept our promises

Our aim is to strengthen our customers’ trust in us. But how? We maintain independent external accreditations and provide easy-to-use international websites with online shops and connector configurators. What’s more, we are proud to openly display copies of our quality certificates, provide visual demonstrations of our products on our YouTube channel and, of course, we always handle customer enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All of these factors contribute to making the buying experience with Phase 3 enjoyable and successful for our customers. They know and can trust that we will always deliver.

Our Accreditations

Our supply chain

One of our stand-out learnings from the current pandemic is the importance of our UK based supply chain. It gives us the vital ability to adapt to customer demand almost immediately.

We hold established relationships with our suppliers – all of whom are based in the UK – and we’ve been able to maintain a 97% on-time delivery rate throughout this year as a result of these relationships.

In our view, it makes little difference how good a product – or the accreditations it carries – is, if it can’t be supplied when needed. By using our UK supply, we decrease the likelihood of our products being held up by shipping delays, customs or overseas factory shutdowns. We credit this as another reason our sales to new customers have increased rapidly during the pandemic and we’re confident we will retain these new customers, building on these new relationships as we move forward.

Phase 3 Connectors are proud to manufacture in the UK and are driven by quality.

Proudly Made in the UK
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