December 2021 Update

Hopefully the world of lockdowns, restricted travel, and face masks is behind us all. We can be thankful that we’re all still here.

We now look forward to 2022 and have been concentrating on making the company more efficient, by reducing customer lead times, and offering the best possible service we can.

In May we moved to new premises in Liverpool, giving us offices and a production area of just under 16000 sq ft. With more space in Liverpool, we made the decision to close the factory in Scotland. This decision wasn’t taken lightly by any means, but with most of the supply chain, as well as our customers, being based in England, this option made the most sense. All staff members at the Scotland factory were offered positions in Liverpool, which some accepted. For the staff that remained in Scotland, we were able to find alternative positions within our supply chain. Previously, the product was part assembled in Liverpool, then shipped to another site for the final stages of manufacturing. But, with the closure of the Scotland factory we’re now able to cut out these steps and reduce lead time to customers.

We look forward to things going back to normal, whatever the new normal might be.

Best Wishes from all of us at Phase 3 Connectors.
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