Why being Accredited is Important


Being accredited is very important, not only to us, but to our worldwide customer base. We will probably never get the chance to meet most of our customers, but we want them to be assured that when they deal with Phase 3 Connectors, either directly or through our approved partners, they are sourcing the most accredited Powerlock type connector available. We don’t make our products for anyone else so make sure it is a Phase 3 Connectors product you are buying.

So why is Accreditation Important?

You want the best for your money, as we all do. You also want a product that is going to be safe and last for many years whilst being used in what is often very harsh environments. Our accreditations show that we have spent the extra time and expense in R&D and certification to ensure this.

Only Phase 3 Connectors give you that. Our customers tell us time and time again that the Phase 3 line of products are simply superior to anything else on the market and often last 3 or 4 times longer. Why compromise safety and reliability by purchasing an inferior product. It’s just not worth it.

Be the best and supply the best.

Our Accreditations

ISO Accreditation is a quality business management accreditation, which certifies that we are following our own approved procedures to ensure quality is maintained throughout our end to end processes. From orders coming in, material procurement, manufacture and finally, delivery of product to our customers. This is documented from end to end and these procedures have been examined and certified by ISO.

If we encounter a production or process issue, this is resolved and recorded, triggering a process review. Our process is then updated to ensure the issue does not happen again. The result of this is that our customers receive the best service we can possibly deliver and a guarantee of continual process improvement.

Quality of product, quality of service, improved response time and of course…. our quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten.

UL Certified

UL Certification is gained after successful rigorous testing of our products in the Unites States. The tests covers all materials within our connector and both live and destructive testing of our product. Certification is received only if every part of that process is passed with no room for error. Zero tolerance for failure.

We are very proud to be the only Powerlock Type Connector Company in the world to have a UL Listing.

VDE Approval is the mark of successful testing of our products to ensure we meet the required standard. Again, our connectors must pass a very rigorous set of tests to gain the certification.

VDE is widely recognised in continental Europe.

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