Our Story


Phase 3 UK was bought in November 2015 when the company was more focused on the event and entertainment industry.

With a new team on board, and a different vision, Phase 3 UK became Phase 3 Connectors Ltd. And, not wanting to be just a seasonal business, we made a move away from the events industry. This proved to be a deft move, with Covid-19 effecting social gatherings globally, we would have found it hard to carry on.

Instead, we decided to focus our efforts on Power Distribution, looking for global, not just UK demand. So, who needs power all year round?

The answer was clear. Hospitals, care homes, test laboratories, data centres, construction, lighting, stadiums, ship to shore, oil rigs, shipyards, load banks and power cuts. There’s no doubt that the market for our product is there.

If power fails in a hospital, patients in ICU could die. If data centres lose power,  data could be lost. Our products are crucial to these operations.

But becoming a leader in our area didn’t happen overnight, it took time to perfect our products, our procedures, and become the most accredited Powerlock connector on the market. Now we’re the preferred supplier to some of the largest power distribution companies in the world.

We can’t bring people back to life, we can’t get back lost data, we can’t replay a sporting event because the lights went out. But we can guarantee you the best possible connector available. When your requirements are critical, why take the chance with a non accredited product?

Its in our name.

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