Phase 3 Connectors

Our electrical connectors are a range of industrial power connectors

Our connectors come in standard configuration for Line Source, Line Drain, Panel Source and Panel Drain. In addition, our connectors are rated to 500A and 800A, not the standard 440A/660A. The 19 Pin and 7 Pin range are all Socapex Compatible with UL Approval to guarantee the standard of our work.

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard, all in the UK. By manufacturing the products ourselves, it gives us the ability to control the whole supply chain under our strict ISO9001 quality control. All network devices are individually tested prior to marking to 1000 Volts.

ITT Powerlock & Litton Veam Compatible

All our products are fully compatible with other manufacturers.

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Powersafe Single Pole Power Connectors

Powersafe Single Pole Connector

10th May 2016

single pole connector powersafe powerlock


10th May 2016

PowerSafe Connector Mating Box

Powersafe Box

10th May 2016

Rotary Clamp Body

Network Connection Devices

10th May 2016

Showsafe Event Industry Multi-Pin Socapex Connectors

Socapex Compatible Lighting Connectors

10th May 2016

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What our customers say…

I have been purchasing connectors from P3 for some time now. Their product is top-notch, the sales people I have dealt with so far have been very friendly and helpful, their pricing is competitive and their delivery has been exceptional considering I’m ordering from Alberta, Canada.
All-in-all, I’d give P3 Connectors 5 stars out of 5.

TERRY FOREST I Cross Country Infrastructure Services Canada, Inc

“SES have always been associated with high quality and great product design, so choosing Phase 3 as its sole supplier for Powersafe connectors was an easy decision. Phase 3 offer SES the main ingredients to providing a great product, with quality, availability and design being key. The P3 product is used globally and is recognised as the go to product where heavy mains is required. With SES now representing P3 in a few global regions, they are an important part of our ongoing success and growth.”

GORDON COOPER | Director, SES (Entertainment Services) Ltd

‘We have been working with Phase 3 for over year now, and their customer service has always been top notch. They hit their commitment dates, and don’t not shy away from following up with us, even after hours!’

Eescodist, USA

"Connector-Tech ALS have been supplying Phase 3 connectors for service in some of Australia’s harshest environments since 2010. In this period, they've proven themselves time and time again, earning the position as the industry leader both here and in New Zealand. Phase 3’s commitment to quality and innovation ensure their product remains the unequalled choice for our industrial, power distribution, military, marine and entertainment customers."

PAUL BRANDON | Connector-Tech ALS