As summer begins to show signs of returning, the sporting world is starting to pick up again, with anticipation building for major international sporting events around the world. Athletes from across the globe will soon converge for said events, bringing with them the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

In light of this excitement, Phase 3 Connectors is proud to continue its tradition of providing quality power connectors to these events around the world. Our commitment to excellence, backed by external accreditation and streamlined processes, ensures that we remain the preferred supplier amidst stiff competition.

In the past Phase 3 has proudly supplied significant quantities of connectors for major events such as the 2022 Beijing Summer and Winter Olympics, the Qatar FIFA World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, and renowned global gatherings like Glastonbury.

But what sets Phase 3 Connectors apart, making us a recurring choice for such prestigious events? It’s our unwavering dedication to excellence and reliability. With ISO accreditation, VDE approval, and UL certification, our commitment to quality assurance is unmatched. Moreover, our inventory boasts at least 200 sets of S120 and S120 C240 EU Line Connectors at any given time, complemented by component stocks to fulfil orders in the thousands.

Additionally, with our new dedicated company in Ireland, Phase 3 can now ship directly into the European Union, ensuring shorter lead times and eliminating import duties for our clients. This strategic move further enhances our ability to deliver seamless solutions to our valued customers across Europe and reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the industry.

We take immense pride in our ability to deliver dependable, safe, and high-performance connectors that power some of the world’s most iconic events.

It’s in our name, Powersafe by Phase 3 Connectors.


Considering the post-Brexit landscape, UK-based companies face new challenges when selling connectors in Europe. Extended lead times, coupled with restrictions on direct sales to customers after July 2025, have reshaped the business landscape.

Recognizing the need to maintain optimal service and lead times for our valued customers, Phase 3 has taken a proactive step of registering a company in Ireland. This strategic move not only safeguards our existing customer base but also positions us for potential growth in the region.

The benefits for our customers are paramount. With a dedicated company in Ireland, Phase 3 can now ship directly into the European Union, ensuring shorter lead times and eliminating import duties for our clients. This move solidifies Phase 3 Connectors as a highly attractive option for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions in the European market.

While we cannot control the intricacies of Brexit, we can certainly guarantee the best possible service. This strategic decision not only makes our company more appealing to our existing European clients but also eliminates import duty costs for them.

Effective April 2024, all European orders will seamlessly ship from our newly established base in Ireland.

At Phase 3 Connectors, we remain committed to adapting to changes, ensuring our customers receive unparalleled service and fostering growth in the ever-evolving European market.

From Andy, and Everyone at Phase 3 Connectors, We wish you a Happy New Year.

Without a doubt, 2020 has been an unforgettable year, with Brexit, Coronavirus, lockdowns and face coverings being the buzzwords of the last 12 months.

Now, as the year draws to a close and Brexit looms large, we want to reassure our customers that we’ve taken every possible step we can to avoid problems with supply in 2021 triggered by new Brexit regulations.

What steps have we taken?

Excluding the manufacturer of the glands on our line connectors, all of our manufacturers are UK based. Also, we have excellent long-term relationships with all of our suppliers and see no reason to be concerned about ongoing supply. That being said, from January 5th we will have more production staff, meaning our output will increase. More finished stock on the shelves will help to avoid potential delays at customs and eradicate the risk of lengthened lead times. 

As a rule going forward, we will hold a minimum stock of 200 sets of line and panel connectors. If ever we dip below this level, we will simply make more. With these improvements in place, we are confident that our lead time won’t increase but will in fact, be reduced.

If you would like discuss Brexit and any potential issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From all of us at Phase 3 Connectors, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In the years leading up to the twists and turns of 2020, Phase 3 Connectors have been driven to provide the very best in quality manufacturing and service to ensure our customers have confidence in our product ranges. However, like many businesses during the pandemic, we’ve had to think on our feet to maintain our high standards and achieve our goals.

How we’ve kept our promises

Our aim is to strengthen our customers’ trust in us. But how? We maintain independent external accreditations and provide easy-to-use international websites with online shops and connector configurators. What’s more, we are proud to openly display copies of our quality certificates, provide visual demonstrations of our products on our YouTube channel and, of course, we always handle customer enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All of these factors contribute to making the buying experience with Phase 3 enjoyable and successful for our customers. They know and can trust that we will always deliver.

Our Accreditations

Our supply chain

One of our stand-out learnings from the current pandemic is the importance of our UK based supply chain. It gives us the vital ability to adapt to customer demand almost immediately.

We hold established relationships with our suppliers – all of whom are based in the UK – and we’ve been able to maintain a 97% on-time delivery rate throughout this year as a result of these relationships.

In our view, it makes little difference how good a product – or the accreditations it carries – is, if it can’t be supplied when needed. By using our UK supply, we decrease the likelihood of our products being held up by shipping delays, customs or overseas factory shutdowns. We credit this as another reason our sales to new customers have increased rapidly during the pandemic and we’re confident we will retain these new customers, building on these new relationships as we move forward.

Phase 3 Connectors are proud to manufacture in the UK and are driven by quality.

Proudly Made in the UK

What do we produce?  
At Phase 3 Connectors we produce single pole Powerlock connectors.  

Our products are used for high current electrical application and assemblies all over the world and our industrial power plugs can be used for single phase and three phase applications up to 800A. 

Plus, our Powerlock connectors provide a secure coupling of plug and socket through an innovative mechanical locking system that engages with a simple release key. This means our Powerlock single pole connectors cannot be mismatched or disconnected accidentally.  

What are they used for? 
As well as being used in major sporting events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Royal Ascot, our single pole Powerlock connectors have shown their versatility outside of the sporting world.  

Phase 3 Connectors has supplied electrical connectors to projects from Antarctic exploration to mining applications, from rural power outages to power support operations. Get in touch and find out how we can help meet your electrical connector needs. 
Where do our products go? 
One of our proudest achievements is being able to know where our connectors go. Phase 3 Connectors send products far and wide, providing electrical equipment globally. In the past we have been able to support major sporting events in Australia, Russia, Korea, and South America. 
Who do our products help?  
Not only are our products globally used, they’re used by a variety of different companies and organisations. As a result, we are globally recognised as being able to deliver when it matters. When failure, cancellation and delay are not an option – choose Phase 3 Connectors.

It’s in our name.


We’ve got a new video for you today, in which, we show you how to perform a crimped termination, the recommended crimp tools and dies to use, and how to perform a set screw termination along with threaded post termination, and the necessary safety checks.

It’s in our name.


Being accredited is very important, not only to us, but to our worldwide customer base. We will probably never get the chance to meet most of our customers, but we want them to be assured that when they deal with Phase 3 Connectors, either directly or through our approved partners, they are sourcing the most accredited Powerlock type connector available. We don’t make our products for anyone else so make sure it is a Phase 3 Connectors product you are buying.

So why is Accreditation Important?

You want the best for your money, as we all do. You also want a product that is going to be safe and last for many years whilst being used in what is often very harsh environments. Our accreditations show that we have spent the extra time and expense in R&D and certification to ensure this.

Only Phase 3 Connectors give you that. Our customers tell us time and time again that the Phase 3 line of products are simply superior to anything else on the market and often last 3 or 4 times longer. Why compromise safety and reliability by purchasing an inferior product. It’s just not worth it.

Be the best and supply the best.

Our Accreditations

ISO Accreditation is a quality business management accreditation, which certifies that we are following our own approved procedures to ensure quality is maintained throughout our end to end processes. From orders coming in, material procurement, manufacture and finally, delivery of product to our customers. This is documented from end to end and these procedures have been examined and certified by ISO.

If we encounter a production or process issue, this is resolved and recorded, triggering a process review. Our process is then updated to ensure the issue does not happen again. The result of this is that our customers receive the best service we can possibly deliver and a guarantee of continual process improvement.

Quality of product, quality of service, improved response time and of course…. our quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten.

UL Certified

UL Certification is gained after successful rigorous testing of our products in the Unites States. The tests covers all materials within our connector and both live and destructive testing of our product. Certification is received only if every part of that process is passed with no room for error. Zero tolerance for failure.

We are very proud to be the only Powerlock Type Connector Company in the world to have a UL Listing.

VDE Approval is the mark of successful testing of our products to ensure we meet the required standard. Again, our connectors must pass a very rigorous set of tests to gain the certification.

VDE is widely recognised in continental Europe.

Phase 3 UK was bought in November 2015 when the company was more focused on the event and entertainment industry.

With a new team on board, and a different vision, Phase 3 UK became Phase 3 Connectors Ltd. And, not wanting to be just a seasonal business, we made a move away from the events industry. This proved to be a deft move, with Covid-19 effecting social gatherings globally, we would have found it hard to carry on.

Instead, we decided to focus our efforts on Power Distribution, looking for global, not just UK demand. So, who needs power all year round?

The answer was clear. Hospitals, care homes, test laboratories, data centres, construction, lighting, stadiums, ship to shore, oil rigs, shipyards, load banks and power cuts. There’s no doubt that the market for our product is there.

If power fails in a hospital, patients in ICU could die. If data centres lose power,  data could be lost. Our products are crucial to these operations.

But becoming a leader in our area didn’t happen overnight, it took time to perfect our products, our procedures, and become the most accredited Powerlock connector on the market. Now we’re the preferred supplier to some of the largest power distribution companies in the world.

We can’t bring people back to life, we can’t get back lost data, we can’t replay a sporting event because the lights went out. But we can guarantee you the best possible connector available. When your requirements are critical, why take the chance with a non accredited product?

Its in our name.


Powerlock connectors can be either inline source (male connectors) or inline drain (female connectors). But how do they work together?

What is line source (inline male)?

Inline source connectors are intended to have their permanent connection in the direction of the source of electrical energy. This can be up to 660A-800A. Male source connectors have a male pin to insert into a panel mount.

At Phase 3 we don’t compromise on safety which is reflected in the Powerlock design. We’ve ensured the gap between the insulating cap on the male pin of the connector and the surrounding plastic housing is far too small for a human finger to fit – preventing possible injury.

What is line drain (inline female)?

Our line drain connectors have a female receptacle on the insert. Female devices are intended to have their permanent connection in the direction of equipment receiving power. Again, Phase 3 take every precaution to ensure total safety when using our Powerlock connectors.

The female drain connectors have a spring-loaded plastic cap to prevent dirt ingress as well as preventing dangerous casual contact with the electrical metalwork.

When the male and the female connectors are mated, they cannot be disconnected. This firm locking together of the connectors is what gives them their Powerlock name. The only way to disconnect the locking pin is to use a release key. These can be supplied alongside connectors in customer specified colours.

If you have any questions about our Powerlock connectors and how they work, get in touch.

Watch the Release Key in action on our YouTube Channel

its in our name.


Phase 3 Connectors can provide our Powersafe range of single pole Powerlock type connector to any combination of three phase connector you require. Phase colours vary around the world depending on your region. We always have stocks available to ship direct to you immediately.

Wiring Colours Table

We can offer connectors with UL and VDE Certification delivered direct to you from our approved partners in USA, Australia, and proud to announce P3 India is currently being created.

Single Pole Connector Group
Distribution Box
Showsafe Connector

It’s in our name.

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