We at Phase 3 Connectors Ltd, pride ourselves in quality. Quality isn’t a word taken lightly. Given our products and their application within industry, our quality will never be compromised.

We are ISO9001 Accredited, this means we are audited by BSI once a year who validate the processes within Phase 3 Connectors Ltd.

Our quality manager came from an Aerospace background, who is qualified to audit aerospace companies to the industry standard AS9100.

Our material manufacturer works to our designed drawings. All materials must be to Nace Certification. This means that’s the material must originate from USA/Canada or Europe. We know this will cost more but this is what our product is all about.

As ISO Certified by BSI, all returns are taken seriously and corrective actions are audited.

All suppliers are ISO approved, we accept no suppliers that cannot validate their processes through Certification.

Our Powersafe range of connectors are now at Phase 1 for UL Approval.

Our products are manufactured and assembled to 9001, the customer then validates our product every day. This is you. It’s in our name, Powersafe.

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Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten

What our customers say…

I have been purchasing connectors from P3 for some time now. Their product is top-notch, the sales people I have dealt with so far have been very friendly and helpful, their pricing is competitive and their delivery has been exceptional considering I’m ordering from Alberta, Canada.
All-in-all, I’d give P3 Connectors 5 stars out of 5.

TERRY FOREST I Cross Country Infrastructure Services Canada, Inc

'We use only Phase 3 products for the entertainment/industrial industries'

Henk Van Velsen, Vello Elecktro

‘We have been working with Phase 3 for over year now, and their customer service has always been top notch. They hit their commitment dates, and don’t not shy away from following up with us, even after hours!’

Eescodist, USA

'Powersafe products, are the ONLY products we use for mining and shipping applications in Australia'

Ben Bey, BVND Australia