Reduction Kit (Set Screw 95mm-25mm)

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Powersafe Set Screw (S120) Reduction Kit

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Reduction Kit and Cable Reduction Sleeves

The Powersafe Reduction Kit is for use with a standard Set Screw Connector (120mm²). The reduction kit contains a series of 5 reducer sleeves that are used to reduce the Set Screw Connector (S120) cable bucket in the rear of the contact. A powerlock reduction kit will allow termination to power cable sized from 95mm² to 25mm². The reducer set also includes the M40S and M40SS bush to allow cable clamping ranges of 10mm² - 19mm².

The Powersafe reduction kit comes with:

  • Set Screw 95mm² Reduction Sleeve (R95)
  • Set Screw 70mm² Reduction Sleeve (R70)
  • Set Screw 50mm² Reduction Sleeve (R50)
  • Set Screw 35mm² Reduction Sleeve (R35)
  • Set Screw 25mm² Reduction Sleeve (R25)
  • M40S Bush
  • M40SS Bush

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3.5 cm
Set Screw Torque Minimum

10.5 Nm

Cable Jacket Strip Length


Assembly Guide

Powersafe Powerlock Power Connectors Brochure

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