Powersafe Powerlock Box Assembly Guide

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Powersafe Powerlock Box Assembly Guide

Phase 3’s Powersafe Sequential Mating Box controls the connection sequence of incoming / outgoing high current cable connections. The sequence ensures that the Earth connection is made first and disconnected last. (FMLB– First Mate Last Break).

Power Distribution Box Powersafe

How to Connect Cables to the Power Distribution Box

  1. With included key turn the Earth lock clockwise. The Earth cover will pop open.
  2. Raise the Earth cover fully open. Take the Earth cable end connector (not included) and plug into the Earth socket.
    NOTE: The Powersafe connectors are mechanically keyed to prevent connection errors. So it is not possible to plug any other connector other than and Earth keyed connector into this position.
  3. To mate the connectors align the arrow on the mating connector with the green circle on the Powersafe unit front panel. Push the connector fully into the box until it stops and then turn clockwise. The Neutral cover will now pop open.
  4. Raise the Neutral cover to the fully open position. Repeat steps 2-4 until all 5 connectors (E, N, L1,L2 &L3) are connected. NOTE: When covers are raised the previous connection cannot be disconnected without first closing the cover- for example when the Neutral cover is raised the Earth connector cannot be removed.SKIP Neutral connector step if you have purchased the 4 port Powersafe Box.
  5. When the L3 connector is mated and turned fully clockwise to the locked position, take the key lock and turn the L3 lock clockwise.
    Turning this lock does two things:
    a) It locks the L3 connector in place to prevent accidental disconnection under load and prevents further access to the unit.
    b) It switches an integral micro switch, which can be used as a signal path for electrical protection device. A 3 pin connector plug is available which will plug onto the 3 pin connector on the rear of the unit, to allow for connection of such devices.

Powersafe Power Distribution Box

Take a look at the Phase 3 sequential mating box, ideal for power generators, data centres and stage application.

Take me there
Power Distribution Box Powersafe

How to Disconnect Cables from the Powerlock Box

The disconnect sequence is reversed. Therefore the connectors h ave to be removed from Right to Left starting with the L3 connector.

Here is the sequence of disconnection:

  1. Turn L3 key lock anticlockwise to release the L3 connector.
  2. Now turn the L3 connector fully anticlockwise and pull out of t he port. Push the cover down.
    Note: The cover will not fully close at this point, however with the cover raised it will not be possible to remove
    the next connector.
  3. Now turn the L2 connector fully anticlockwise and unplug.
    Note: the L3 cover will automatically fully close during this action
  4. Once all connectors are removed, turn the Earth key lock antic lockwise. This locks the Earth cover
    preventing access to the unit.

Overall Distro Box Dimensions:

Option 1 : 2U Rack Mounting

Height 88mm x Length 483mm x Depth 130mm

Option 2 : Panel Mounting

Height 108mm x Length 483mm x Depth 130mm


Maximum Rated Voltage to Earth: 2KVac
Current Rating: Up to 800A
Rear Terminals: M12 x 25 threaded studs (TIGHTEN NUTS TO A MAXIMUM OF 12 – 14Nm)
Micro Switch rating: 250VAC / 3A

Powersafe Single Pole Power Connectors

Types of Electrical Power Connectors

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Types of Electrical Power Connectors

What are Electrical Power Connectors?

When it comes to electronics, power is essential. Electrical power connectors are the link between a device and its source of power. In electronics, electrical power connectors are what you plug into a device’s receptacle. Depending on the amount of current and type of cable or wire, different connectors are used.

Electrical power sources can range in size from small batteries to large power grids, therefore, connectors that allow the transmission of electricity vary in form. Depending on the electrical current carried and the purpose of the application, one of several types of power connectors may be appropriate. To better understand which connector is best-suited for a particular purpose, it’s helpful to examine how electrical power connectors are classified and the capabilities of each variant. Read More

CPS Generators connected with Powersafe

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CPS Generators connected with Powersafe

CPS Generators are connected by Powersafe, but what makes the generator company a special business to work with?

CPS Generators


GUEST BLOG | CPS Generators

The UK has always been at the forefront of the manufacturing industry since the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century, when Britain was once named ‘the workshop of the world’. This heritage is something that Constant Power Solutions take great pride in and continue to develop and contribute to by manufacturing all of our generators here in the UK! Over the past years there has been a significant increase in the demand for backup power solutions as many industries simply cannot afford to be without power. Did you know that a black out of just a mere 20 seconds is enough for anything with an interruptible power supply to come to a halt and require a total reboot in order to start working again?

Constant Power Solutions provide a range of power supplies to fit any application, with a variety of highly reputable branded engines (such as; Perkins, Kohler, Scania, Cummins, and Volvo) their main aim is to ensure that all customers receive a high quality UK made product wherever they are in world. With power ratings ranging from 5 to 2500 Kva, and made to measure options including mobile sets, open frame sets, PTOs, and Soundproof sets, ranging all the way up to fully bespoke containers.

Unrivalled after care support and services

Many manufacturers’ services will end once the product has reached the customer, this is most certainly not the case with Constant Power Solutions. With dealers worldwide working alongside CPS they are able to offer vast product knowledge and round the clock call outs, Minor and major servicing contracts, Full Service documentation, On-site installation and commissioning (they will even decommission your old generator to make way for its replacement!), annual load testing, and are even able to supply you with the parts you need to keep your generator reliable and well maintained for many years to come! With Dealers both here in the UK and globally there is never a shortage of support on hand.

Powersafe Single Pole Power ConnectorsMade to order, built to last bespoke sets from CPS Generators

CPS generators are always made to the UK standard of high quality, only ever using UK and EU components. Including Powersafe connectors to ensure that their generators are not only operative to a high standard but are safe also. With optional upgrades such as; trailers, containers, water jacket heaters, ATS, and many more! Paired with worldwide shipping and years of experience in the industry – head over to www.cps-generators.com to see their full range!

Constant Power Solutions are a privately owned company who manufacture Diesel Generators and Power Solutions for Industry. All generators are made using only EU and UK components and are assembled in the UK. CPS Generators offer global shipment and an array of bespoke solutions for any application.

Find out more about Powersafe Single Power Connectors


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VDE-Zertifizierung – demnächst!



Die einpoligen Phase 3 Powersafe Einpolige Steckverbinder wurden entwickelt, um Ein- und Dreiphasen-Hochstromkreise anzuschließen und stehen in Hinblick auf Sicherheitsfunktionen und technische Leistungsfähigkeit auf Platz eins.


Powersafe Powerlock Connectors

Durch die steigende Nachfrage nach temporär mit Starkstrom arbeitenden Stromanlagen in den Bereichen Entertainment und industrielle
Anwendungen ist die Wahl des Hochstromsteckers besonders wichtig, um die Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit bei jeder Nutzung zu gewährleisten.

Die einpoligen PHASE 3 Powersafe Stecker wurden entwickelt, um Ein- und Dreiphasen-Hochstromkreise anzuschließen und stehen in Hinblick auf Sicherheitsfunktionen und technische Leistungsfähigkeit auf Platz eins.

Diese Stecker wurden in den weltweit härtesten Umgebungen ausprobiert und getestet, von den Ölfeldern in Kanada bis zu Rechenzentren im nördlichen Polarkreis. Aufgrund ihrer beeindruckenden technischen Leistungsfähigkeit, den zusätzlichen Sicherheitsfunktionen, der robusten Konstruktion, Zuverlässigkeit und Qualität sind sie eine beliebte Wahl für professionelle Ingenieure.

Die Standard-Sicherheitsfunktionen umfassen ein zusätzliches Schließsystem, das einen Schlüssel erfordert, um die Verbindung freizuschalten. Zusätzlich besitzen alle elektrischen Kontakte an allen Steckern eine Fingersicherung, wodurch das Risiko einer zufälligen Berührung beim Einschalten des Steckers reduziert wird.

Die Einpolige Steckverbinder sind im Kabelformat oder als Einbauvariante erhältlich, sowohl mit Klemm- als auch mit Schraubkontakten. Bei einadrigen Kabeln zwischen 25 und 300 mm² können die PHASE 3 Powersafe Stecker mit 500 A und 800 A belastet werden und sind somit zur Zeit die am höchsten belastbaren und sichersten Stecker dieser Art auf dem Markt.

Broschüre Herunterladen

Laden Sie die Produktbroschüre herunter

German Brochure
Powersafe Brochure


  • Maximal 800 APowersafe Single Pole Power Connectors
  • UL Listed, VDE Pending for einpolige steckverbinder
  • Farblich und mechanisch codiert, um Verbindungsfehler zu verhindern
  • Flammschutzmittel (UL94-V0)
  • Schließmechanismus, um ungewollte Trennungen unter Belastung zu verhindern
  • Kontakte mit Fingersicherung, um den Zugang zu elektrischen Kontakten im abgekoppelten Zustand zu verhindern (M & F)
  • IP67 Eindringungsschutz
  • Kabel zwischen 25 mm² und 300 mm² CSA und die Wahl zwischen Schraub- und Klemmterminals
  • Selbsttätige Multipunkt-Kontaktfläche
  • Sehr robuste Gehäuse und temperaturbeständige Materialien
  • Integrierte Kabelzugentlastung
  • Kabelverschraubungen (metrisch, gemäß EN) mit erhöhtem Kabelklemmbereich
  • Keine Spezialwerkzeuge für die Montage erforderlich
  • Verkettetes Hakensystem
  • Einbaustecker und Montageplatte
  • Gummigriffe zur einfachen Nutzung und Verbindung bieten zusätzlichen Stoßschutz
  • Gummischutzkappen schützen die Stecker im abgekoppelten Zustand vor Feuchtigkeit, Schmutz und Verschleiß (optional)


Das fortschrittliche Design der PHASE 3 Powersafe Stecker erreicht durchden Einsatz der 29 Transferbrücken eine Dauerleistung von 800 A*. Jede Transferbrücke erreicht 30 A, wodurch sich die Gesamtleistung von 870 A* pro Kontakt ergibt.

Internationale Standards zur farblichen Kennzeichnung der Adern

Powersafe electrical Wiring Colour Standards


Phase 3 Connectors at the World Cup 2018

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Leo Messi, Mo’ Salah, Powersafe… World Cup connectors.

Phase 3 are a principal supplier of power connectors to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. We will be helping power stadiums and public areas for the millions in attendance and ensuring TV signals can be blasted worldwide to billions of viewers. If the power was to go out at the World Cup, the backup generators and our connectors would be about as important as Leo Messi’s left boot – GULP.

Along with Harry Kane, Cristiano Rolando and Mo’ Salah, Powersafe will be making an appearance at the World Cup. The power connectors deliver high current electricity up to 800A and will be trusted to connect the mains power supply around Russia. Phase 3’s industrial plugs and sockets will be used at locations such as the Saint Petersburg Stadium and Kazan Arena.

Why does the World Cup use Powersafe?

The Powersafe connector is regarded as one of the safest and most reliable powerlock type plugs in the industry. Phase 3’s innovative contact design allows Powersafe to boast the industry’s highest rated UL Listed rating. The finger-proof contacts, mechanically keyed locking system and cable strain relief deliver safety guaranteed; which makes the connectors the ideal choice for crowded public areas.

Choose Phase 3 for your Project

Over the past few years, Phase 3 have supported some of the globes biggest power distribution projects across a range of industries and events. Take a look at our list of projects and get in touch with us to see how we can act as a fast servicing, quality and reliable supplier of power connectors for your project.

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CamLock Connectors vs Powersafe Connectors

CamLock Connectors

Cam-Lock vs Powersafe

We hear two answers when we ask US customers, ‘Why do you still use CamLock Connectors?’

“There’s no alternative UL approved connector!” OR “The alternative’s lead times are too long!

Well…Is there a CamLock Connector alternative with short lead times?

YES! Phase 3 have manufactured UL Approved POWERSAFE Connectors and have a distribution network developed across the United States of American and Canada with industry leading delivery times of as short as one week.

‘I really don’t know much about the Camlock alternative…’ Take a look at the CamLock vs Powersafe Infographic:

Infographic: CamLock Connectors vs Powersafe Connectors

Read on to learn more.

What is a CamLock or Cam-Lok Connector?

A camlock, or more commonly Cam-Lok, is an electrical single pole connector often used in temporary electrical power distribution. Camlock plugs are predominantly used in the North America because it is outlawed across Europe. The connector is generally used when 3 phase connections or a charge of more than 50A is required. CamLock connectors are also used to build disconnects to lighting dimmer racks and distribution panels and to connect large generators. Usually found in professional and industrial settings, they are seldom found in use around the home or by amateurs.

CamLock Colour Codes

The Camlok colour codes are similar to other single pole devices in the USA:

  • Green = Earth/Grounding Connector
  • White = Neutral
  • Black = Line 1
  • Red = Line 2
  • Blue = Line 3

Can I use CamLock connectors in Europe?

No. Cam industrial plugs have been outlawed across Europe because of their hazardous nature. The connectors are sometimes referred to jokingly as ‘suicide connectors’, however the dangers of using the plug are no joke. The exposed contact point inside the insulator can cause serious injury or even death. Similarly, disconnecting a high current circuit under load can cause similar catastrophic outcomes.

Powersafe Single Pole Connectors

Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated and safest high current, low voltage plug for events, power, military and utility industries. Phase 3’s electrical devices are the standard industry replacement for the unsafe Cam-Lok connector. Powersafe connectors are the perfect replacement due to the finger-proof contacts and individual line locking mechanisms.

Read more about Powersafe connectors.

Camlok connectors
CamLock Connector for Power Distribution
CamLock Connectors
Powersafe Single Pole Connectors. Powerlock Power Connectors

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Powersafe Powerlock Box

The Powersafe powerlock box enables emergency power to be quickly and safely connected in the event of failure of the mains supply.

With a single re-connection point, the power distribution box provides a simple and speedy solution, Powersafe Boxes use standard Powersafe single pole connectors, with all ports keyed and colour coded for sequential mating, ensuring ground is connected first (FMLB). As an additional safety measure for electrical power professionals, the power distro box has IP2X finger-proof protection.

The Powersafe box is available in lidded and un-lidded versions. The box has an extended front panel which provides a seal around the whole box, whilst the non-lidded version is only sealed when mated. Connector ports are environmentally sealed to IP67, suiting outdoor applications such as military mobile generators, power plants and leisure centres, including theme parks.

Electrical Distribution Board Versions

Phase 3’s electrical distribution board is obtainable as two rated versions, 500 amp and 800 amp, with both source and drain ports available. The power distribution board has sockets for all three phases plus Neutral and Earth, however you can request a 4-port version if Neutral is not required. Phase 3’s portable electrical box comes in two panel sizes, 88mm and 108mm, making the distro box perfect for event professionals because it only uses 2U of rack space in a 19in rack.

Power Distribution Box Applications

The Powersafe powerlock box is often used in environments like Nuclear Power Plants, as the need for backup power supply is imperative. Security is assured for installations accessible to the public, for example, in hospitals, factories, shops and offices.

The powerlock box is suitable for applications including:

  • Mobile generators
  • Military Bases
  • Maritime
  • Outdoor events
  • Theme parks,
  • Power plants
  • Hospitals
  • Factories and offices
  • Datacentres

Electrical Power Distribution Box Sequence of Connection

How does the electrical power distribution box work?

The Powersafe distro box is the perfect portable power distribution box for temporary electrical power supply to events, stage, theatre, stadiums, data centres and more. It incorporates an integral shutter mechanism which controls the connection sequence on the electrical panel board for single or three phase circuits.

The sequence of connection is:

  1. Turn key to open Earth lock – (the Earth cap will open to allow connection of the Earth connector).
  2. Plug the Earth connector into the powerlock box and turn clockwise to its locked position – (the Neutral cap will open to allow you to plug the Neutral connector in).
  3. Continue the sequence on the power distribution box with L1 and L2 and then when the L3 connector is plugged in and engaged, turn the lock key to the closed position (this will lock all the connectors mechanically in place so that they cannot be removed, and it will also operate an internal micro-switch).
  4. The internal micro-switch can be used as a signal path to operate electrical protection devices. A 3 pin connector on the rear of the heavy duty box is provided for easy connection, this can be used to trip the supply to the box should someone open the Lock key whilst the supply is present.
Powerlock Box
Powerlock Box Electrical Power Distribution Board
Electrical Power Distribution Box

Powerlock Connectors

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Powerlock Connectors

What are Powerlock Connectors?

Powerlock‘ is a genericized term for single pole electrical connectors used for high current electrical application and assemblies. Industrial power plugs can be used for single phase and three phase applications up to 800A. Electrical circuits for three phase connections require five separate power cables (or four if Neutral is not required).

History of Powerlock Connectors

VEAM Powerlock & Litton Connectors

Originally developed in the UK by Litton Veam in the mid-1990s, powerlock connectors are industry standard for electrical connections used on power generators and other appliances. Power industry experts often use the term ‘powerlock’ as industry jargon.

Phase 3 Powersafe

In the early 2000’s, the original Powerlock design team split from Litton connectors, subsequently, the team decided to enhance and enrich their initial designs to birth the Powersafe connector. Litton connectors are available in 400A and 660A, while Powersafe connectors are rated to 500A and 800A. Powersafe was manufactured with a special pole that has more contact bridges, hence allowing for higher current connections (1000V AC).

Powersafe improvements include specification enhancements such as: increased current carrying capacity (500A/800A), increased short circuit ratings (35.5Ka), reduced insertion force, improved impact resistance, UL Listed, rubber hand grip for ease of coupling and cable strain relief for cable sized between 25mm-300mm.

What are Powerlock Connectors used for?

Single pole power connectors are used for electrical power connections. Multi-pole connectors (i.e Molex) would be impractical to handle due to size, weight and cable bend radius, therefore powerlock plugs are used. Typical uses for powerlock devices include connecting temporary power generators and fixed power sources in venues where high-powered temporary equipment is used. Powerlock inputs are available on many large dimmers and on large power distribution units, as a result they are standard in the event sector.

Common powerlock applications are:

  • Entertainment Industry
  • Power Distribution
  • Utilities and Mains Supply
  • Hospitals & Medical
  • Sporting Events
  • Airports
  • Mining industry
  • Railways industry
  • Military
  • Power Cable Assembly
  • Data Centres

A range of Powersafe connectors that attach directly to ‘busbars‘ are available. Network connection devices can be used for drawing off power for temporary installations, or for feeding power into ‘busbars’ in situations such as temporary generator hook-ups during power outages.

Safety Features of Powersafe Powerlock Connectors

Powerlock plugs have safety features that help to protect the user against potentially fatal electric shock. Improved safety features can help avoid errors that are common with CamLock, so the plugs are considered safer for industry use.

Connector Safety Features:

  • Water & Dust Proof Ingress Protection Rating (IP67)
  • Finger-Proof Contacts
  • High-temperature resistant materials
  • Flame Retardant (UL94-VO)
  • Colour-coded Insulators
  • Protection against electric shock (IP2X)
  • Rubber protective caps to protect connectors from damage
  • RoHS compliant

Powerlock Plug Genders

Powerlock connectors are designated as inline source (male) or inline drain (female).

Line Source Connectors (Inline Male)

Line source connectors are intended to have their permanent connection in the direction of the source of electrical energy up to 660A-800A, therefore male source connectors have a male pin to insert into a panel mount. Safety is not compromised because the gap between the plastic insulating cap on the male pin of the source connector and the surrounding plastic housing is too small to insert a human finger.

Line Drain Connectors (Inline Female)

Line drain connectors have a female receptacle on the insert, therefore female devices are intended to have their permanent connection in the direction of equipment receiving power. Female drain connectors have a spring-loaded plastic cap to prevent dirt ingress and casual contact with the electrical metalwork.

Powerlock Termination GuidePowersafe Single Pole Connectors. Powerlock Power Connectors

There are three methods on how to terminate cables on the powerlock contacts:

  • Set Screw termination (120mm)
  • Threaded Post termination (panel mounts 500a-800a)
  • Crimp termination (50mm-300mm)

How do you terminate a powerlock connector?

Powerlock assembly procedure has been devised to show step-by-step how to terminate copper cables up to 300mm². For a satisfactory termination it is essential that the recommended assembly procedure is used from the assembly guide to terminating powerlock connectors.

CamLock Alternative

Powerlock power connectors are similar to CamLock connectors (Cam-Lok), although they are considered much safer. CamLock is considered particularly dangerous, consequently CamLock has been banned across Europe. CamLock are often referred to as ‘suicide connectors’ because of the exposed contact points and ability to easily disconnect under load, therefore Cam type plugs are now considered bad practice. Exposed single pole plugs are still used in some places across the USA because it has been used for decades.

Powerlock Box Power Distribution Boxes

Powerlock Boxes are Sequential mating units that assist with the safe and controlled connection of the single core power cables like H07RN-F. Distro boxes control the sequence of connection to ensure Earth and Neutral connections are mated before phase connections can be made. Sockets on the boxes have improved safety levels by eliminating connection errors and ensuring safety circuits are always connected. Powersafe boxes feature a locking mechanism which requires the use of a special tool to disconnect, making them safer for low voltage application.

Powersafe Sequential Mating Box

The Powersafe Sequential Mating Box is a three phase power distribution board designed for use on temporary electrical installations with a current rating of up to 800 amps. A sequential mating box has three phase sockets for all three live electrical lines, plus Neutral and Earth.

Wiring Colour Standards for Power Cable Plugs

Powersafe electrical Wiring Colour Standards

Powerlock industrial plugs are available in colours to match international wiring colour standards. Colours are allocated for connectors in the UK, Europe, Australia and North America. The mechanical keying system is independent of the colour coding, for example, a blue connector intended for a neutral connection in Europe will not connect with a blue connector intended for live connection in North America.

Powerlock Connectors
Powerlock Connectors Panel Mounts Source Powersafe

Middle East Electricity

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Middle East Electricity 2018

Middle East Electricity Phase 3
Date: 06 – 08 March 2018
Time: 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Phase 3 are at Middle East Electricity 2018 through our distributor SES Entertainment. Hosted by the UAE Ministry of Energy and based in Dubai, Middle East Electricity is the largest international trade event for the power industry, covering the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, the renewable and nuclear energy sectors and the lighting industry.

You can find out more about Powersafe Power Connectors on stand 8A01.

UAE Business Development

Phase 3 have recently generated a wealth of new business opportunities across the Middle East in 2018 and are attending the trade show to showcase Powersafe single pole connectors.

Sean Frazier, Business Development Manager said, “This is an excellent opportunity to develop Phase 3’s relationships in the Middle East. After the recent success we have achieved in the UAE, we hope to develop new business across the region and continue to raise awareness of Powersafe on a global scale.”

Middle East Electricity – “The Power Behind The Middle East Energy Industry”

Middle East Electricity is the world’s largest power event covering generation, transmission & distribution. Middle East Electricity is the largest meeting place for energy industry professionals from over 100 countries worldwide. If you are involved in sourcing, installing or purchasing products/services for the power, lighting, renewable or nuclear sectors, MEE is the must-attend event for you. Put your company at the forefront of this rapidly developing market and expose your brand to over 20,000 senior-level decision makers.

Showsafe Logo Phase 3 ConnectorsPowersafe Single Pole Power Connector Logo

Lighting Connectors

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What are Lighting Connectors?

Lighting Connectors are industrial plugs that are used to connect lighting devices to a power supply. Lighting connectors are primarily used in the events industry for stage illumination. The most common types of plug are 19-Pin Connectors.

Lighting connectors come in male and female form like other connectors. Some fixtures and assemblies containing several lamps, use a panel mounted connector to avoid the need for a separate breakout, and many such fixtures also incorporate a female Showsafe connector to allow further similar fixtures to be chained from the same supply.

Lighting Connectors for Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theatre, dance, opera and other performance arts. Different types of stage lighting instruments are used in this discipline. In addition to basic lighting, modern stage lighting can also include special effects, such as lasers and fog machines. People who work on stage lighting are commonly referred to as lighting technicians.

The equipment used for stage lighting (e.g., cabling, dimmers, lighting instruments, controllers) are also used in other lighting applications, including corporate events, concerts, trade shows, broadcast television, film production, photographic studios, and other types of live events. The personnel needed to install, operate, and control the equipment also cross over into these different areas of “stage lighting” applications.

Read More